Request for Qualifications
Formation of a Public/Private Partnership (P3) with the Diamond State Port Corporation

Public Notice

The Diamond State Port Corporation (DSPC), a corporate entity of the State of Delaware, seeks qualified respondents to enter into a public/private partnership (P3) to improve, develop, finance and/or operate via long-term concession arrangements, the following port-related infrastructure:

  • The existing facility, or what is known as the Port of Wilmington,
  • The brownfield facility known as Edgemoor,

Also available for potential expansion as part of an integrated multi-modal transportation facility are two sites unowned by the DSPC:

  • The greenfield facility known as Riveredge, and
  • The industrial real estate site known as Boxwood.

The DSPC, which is wholly-owned by the government of the State of Delaware, seeks to solicit interest from a broad base of potential private partners, and includes likely participation from:

  • Financiers
  • Developers
  • Operators
  • Existing operating companies within the existing port community

The DSPC’s mission in entering this P3 is three-fold:

  • Create family-sustaining jobs that in turn generates positive economic impact
  • Minimize impact for the taxpayers of the State of Delaware
  • Serve the existing customers of the Port, as well as related businesses that are responsible for its ongoing success and growth 

DSPC expects a broad range of proposals from which the one best suited to DSPC’s goals will be selected.

The decision of the DSPC to embark in a P3 arrangement to improve, develop and operate the State’s port related infrastructure was based on the findings derived from the DSPC’s Strategic Port Master Plan (Master Plan), available on the DSPC website.

Potential respondents may contact the DSPC’s advisors, as noted below, at any time in advance of the completion of the process and formation of the P3.  However, significant dates and deadlines for the process include May 31st, 2017, when a selection of finalist respondents will be made, and September 30th, 2017 when the DSPC expects to select its P3 partner.  Please note that these dates are subject to change at any time at the DSPC’s discretion.  Potential respondents are advised contact the DSPC’s advisors as soon as possible to be put on a list to receive any updates.

The DSPC will review all potential P3 respondent applications in a comprehensive review of all benefits and considerations.  However, key criteria for a successful application will include:

  • State Economic Impact vis-à-vis direct and indirect job creation or other parameters established by the State of Delaware including, but not limited to, the number and quality of jobs created
  • Return on Investment (ROI) to the State of Delaware
  • Relationship with existing client base and port labor services
  • Creditworthiness of the respondent and capability to carry through with the respondent’s proposal.

The DSPC conducts its procurement activities and formal bid processes in a competitive environment that fosters equal opportunity for qualified companies to partner with the DSPC.

Information about the DSPC and the Port of Wilmington is available online at 

Any request for information regarding the formations of the P3, any questions about the process, or any request to receive a full RFQ document, including more detailed information on the Port of Wilmington, scope, timing and respondent submission process, should be directed to the DSPC’s advisor, Seabury PFRA LLC, via email.  The email should be directed to Jonathan Montbach, Head of Seabury Maritime Finance at